Michael Brown is the Creative Director of Overflow Entertainment, a video production company who has been in business since 1998.

During this time, he has gained valuable experience and mastery of his craft while developing the art of Storytelling.  He cut his teeth producing short vignettes for Pastors who required a short 4 minute video piece.  Creative writing is essential in the pre-production phase.  Do it right the first time cause it's the only time you have.  Everything springs off the concept.


Once the script was written and the voice over completed.  Michael went location scouting for the ideal spot to film a man climbing a mountain without flying to Colorado.  Michael says, "You better know in advance of production what you're going to do in post. And you better know in pre-production what you're going to do in production or you'll have a train wreck."  One of the benefits of wearing all the hats from scripting to post over the years is the ability to ensure it's done right the first time.



THE CALLING was written, produced and edited by Michael Brown.  His first full length feature film.  Michael says, "While we had a very low budget with many volunteers supporting the production and I wore far too many hats, my goal was to tell a story."  A great deal of attention needs to go into speed and flow for any film so it was an important editing challenge.  An amazing adventure with some amazing people.  44 locations, 150 cast members and a crew of 12 produced THE CALLING in 34 days back in 2001.  The  premiere was held at the AMC theater in Barrington Illinois to rave reviews and a newspaper article, "Miracle at the Box office."  The film went on to get distribution in 2003.


In 2008 Michael wrote and produced the first ever GOP viral video, hailed by the BBC as the best political ad of 2008, DEAR MR OBAMA with over 10 million hits in one month.


In 2009, he went to work for Jack Roeser, a conservative icon in Illinois battling political corruption on both sides of the isle.  He recorded his radio show, produced scores of promos for candidates and construced a 4 camera live switchting television studio.  Michael says, "Working for Jack was one of the highlights of my life.  A principled man of integrity and high honor.  He was my client, my friend, my mentor and my surrogate Dad."


Video is a valuable tool to help promote a business, a website, a product or even an ideology or religion. But that tool needs to take advantage of the social media sphere.  Every opportunity to expand your branding, your sphere of influence and your impact is found in marketing.


Who is your target group?  What market are you going after?  What will relate to your demographic?  All these questions need to be answered before writing a script.  And in marketing, image is ererything.  Michael always tells his clients, "Do it right or don't do it at all."




Michael Brown is a writer, director and producer.   Always honest and upfront with clients.  Always working to ensure complete customer satisfaction.  Always working to hone his craft and skills.  Politically, he's a conservative.  He uses his craft to promote conservative values, ideology and candidates who fall within those guidelines.  He loves to brainstorm with clients and think outside the box.  His loves crafting new, fresh concepts that impact and inspire.  He assists with marketing though that is NOT his specialty.   Overflow Entertainment rarely does live event videography, so no weddings.....sorry.   Currently he's working towards funding for full length feature films that he has written that will both entertain, enlighten and have an impact in our culture.